It is one of every investor's goals to find the right store of value in difficult times. However, gold and silver are not the only suitable options. Brilliants in particular have developed very well as stores of value and are an interesting alternative. In case you are taking brilliants into consideration as a store of value, DIAMONDAS is the right choice - we have specialized in the purchase and sale of brilliants online and locally. We are offering numerous high quality, flawless brilliants that give you the opportunity to convert your financial liquid resources into an efficient asset protection. All of the brilliants offered by us come with an expertise of the most renowned testing laboratory, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This expertise confirms the quality of our brilliants in the categories of weight, excellency of cut, color and clarity.

The purchase of our brilliants is carried out in a competent and reliable manner. We will provide you with optimal transparency and inform you about the single steps of your purchase in detail. During that process, you can rely on more than 30 years of experience in international diamond trade. Once the brilliants are purchased, they undergo a thorough quality control. When it is determined that the brilliants meet our quality standards, they will be shipped to you. All shipments are appropriately insured and will only be shipped to you by a suitable valuables transport company.

We are going to convince you with our reliable, competent and easy performance - find out that diamonds are the assets protection that is just right for you.