We hereby certify that all diamonds delivered and charged for by us comply with legal regulations and do not provide financing for wars and conflicts in the sense of the UN regulations N 1173, 1176, 1306, and 1343.

Our diamonds meet our company's high ethical requirements as well as the statements of the "Kimberley Process" and the declaration of the European Union, Nr.: 2368/2002.

Based on our decade-long experience in international procurement markets and because of our special control options via our own buying office in Antwerp as well as our membership in the world's biggest bourse for uncut diamonds, "Antwerpsche Diamantkring", we can assure that our diamonds are chosen with utmost care.

Antwerp, 15th of February, 2013
Dr. Ulrich Freiesleben

Diamond Development Initiative (DDI)

DIAMONDAS has been supporting the non-governmental organisation (NGO) Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) with a noteworthy contribution for years. This Canada-based organisation works to improve the working and living conditions of small-scale diamond prospectors, one million of which live in Africa alone, according to the DDI. One of the main tasks is the development of educational opportunities for the members of this profession. The DDI is currently testing an ethical certification system for diamonds obtained through small-scale mining.