Dear customers from Switzerland,

we gladly ship our diamonds to any canton and city in Switzerland, too. In contrast to the prices shown on our website, Swiss citizens and residents enjoy additional financial benefits:

You are of course not obliged to pay the higher value added tax rates of the European Union, but only the Swiss import sales tax of 8% when your diamonds are imported to Switzerland. The valuables transport company will take care of the import paperwork and will charge this sales tax separately upon delivery.

Therefore, we will deliver the diamonds ordered by you from Antwerp/Belgium directly to the Swiss address provided. DIAMONDAS only charges the net product value without any sales tax and accounts for this amount and the costs of insurance and shipping on your receipt.

Please calculate the price that is relevant for you without value added tax
as follows:

1. Place the desired diamonds in your shopping cart. This happens free of charge and is non-binding
2. Click "Checkout"
3. In the address field, choose Switzerland as your country of residence
4. Then, your diamonds' prices will be displayed without VAT in the following summary.


We would be very happy to welcome you as a customer of DIAMONDAS. Please be sure that our dedicated customer support will take care of you.

Dr. Ulrich Freiesleben