1. How can I order a flawless diamond?

Please go to the menu item "DIAMONDS" and click on one of the diamond sizes between 0.30 carats and 2.00 carats that are shown in the "OVERVIEW" to reach our product page.

2. What do I have to select on the product page?

All of the diamonds we offer:

  • are flawless (Internally Flawless/Flawless)
  • are graded "Excellent" in the three cut categories (cut grade, polish and symmetry)
  • do not exhibit any fluorescence (none)
  • are certified by the world's most renowned testing institute, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).
  • Now you only need to select the desired colour of the diamond:
    • Exceptional white+ (D)
    • Exceptional white (E)
    • Rare white+ (F)
    • Rare white (G)
    • White (H)

Then enter the desired quantity in the box and click "Place in shopping cart".

3. What do I do on the "Shopping Cart" page?

If you wish to order further diamonds then please click "CONTINUE SHOPPING" and repeat the ordering process described above. If you have reviewed the shopping cart and would like to conclude your order then please click "CHECKOUT".

4. What happens next on the "Checkout" page?

On this page you can conclude the purchase with a binding obligation to pay costs. For this you will be asked to provide your billing and shipping address (see point 5) and you will also receive information on shipping and payment options (see points 7-8).

5. What do I need to do in the billing information section?

Please enter your personal information in the spaces provided and, if the shipping address differs from the billing address already entered, enter the differing shipping address on the bottom right. Naturally we will treat your data as confidential and will only use it for the purposes of the customer relationship with you (see also "Privacy").

6. How do I conclude the purchase and make it binding?

First please read the "Terms & Conditions" (please also take note of the "Cancellation Policy") and then click the box indicating that you have read and understood them. Before the final step ("BUY NOW") we will once again give you all of the details for your information in the "Summary": There you will find your ordered diamond(s) with all of the details listed for the total price. If everything is correct for you then confirm your purchase by clicking "BUY NOW". The ordering and purchase procedure is now concluded. Thank you for your order.

7. Why is "advance payment" to be made?

In the world of diamonds it is common to pay for the ordered gemstones immediately. Unfortunately it is not possible to send them on account. For security reasons the payment for the order is to be made exclusively "bank-to-bank".

8. How is the payment to be made?

For your security we do not wish to process your payment online and therefore request that you pay the amount shown on the invoice to our account in Germany or Belgium by bank transfer immediately upon receiving the invoice.

9. Why are credit cards not available as payment methods?

This has two reasons: We'd like to offer you diamonds at a very favourable price and therefore have no calculatory possibility to pay significant provisions to credit card companies. The other reason is the already mentioned lack of security in cases of credit card payments.

10. How can I make sure that I receive the ordered diamonds for the money I have paid?

DIAMONDAS was tested and meets the strict standards of a certification through Trusted Shops". You can insure payments up to €2,500 on this site free of charge. After payment of a small fee, you additionally have the possibility to cover your order and payment with the "Excellence Insurance" up to a maximum amount of €20,000.

11. How do I enter a binding purchase agreement?

In one of the last steps before you click "ORDER NOW", we will show you all details of your order in an "order overview" for your approval: On the left, you will find your information in relation to billing and shipping. Please check these for completeness and correctness once again. If necessary, you can still make changes to this data. In the middle, you will find your ordered diamond(s) with all details of the total amount to be paid. If you deem everything correct, please click the box for "Terms and Conditions" and "Cancellation Policy" after having read them. When you click "ORDER NOW", the ordering and purchasing process is completed. Thanks a lot for your order!

12. What happens after I have placed my order?

After your order, an order confirmation will automatically be emailed to you. We will review your data and email you an invoice. Please immediately pay the charged amount via bank transfer to our German banking account at Commerzbank. We will confirm receipt of the payment on our banking account immediately.

13. How long does it take for the diamonds to be delivered?

We will need approximately 10 business days from procurement of the diamond, processing of import paperwork and quality control until delivery to the recipient via valuables transport.

14. What happens in the meantime?

Directly after receipt of your payment, we will begin research at international diamond markets (Antwerp, New York, Mumbai, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong) to find the perfect stone for you. As soon as we have found it and are in agreement with the supplier (which is usually a diamond polishing factory), we will email you a copy of the GIA certificate so that you know: "This is going to be my diamond!"

15. What kinds of securities do I have that I will receive a diamond without any damages?

As soon as we physically own a diamond after transport and customs clearance, we will control the diamond after the doublecheck principle to see if it fulfils the criteria described in the GIA certificate: We will review the quantitative features (weight, size) as well as the qualitative criteria (color, clarity, cut, fluorescence).

16. How do I make sure that diamond and certificate belong together?

During the diamond's rating at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the logo and number of the certificate will be extremely thinly lasered onto the stone. We will carefully review if the numbers on the stone and on the certificate are the same. This can also be seen by non-experts with 10x magnification, but it is not that easy.

17. Will my diamond be insured against damages during transport?

Yes, after your order and payment of the invoice, your diamond is insured until securely delivered to you.

18. How do I know the date of delivery for my diamond?

We will send you an email to let you know when the diamond is ready to be picked up by the valuables transport. We will propose an appointment for delivery. If this shouldn't suit you, we will agree on an individual, ideal appointment four you.

19. Can I arrange an exact appointment for the diamond's delivery?

There are special security regulations for valuables transports. These include that delivery confirmations can only be made for select time frames. Different valuables transport company handle these time frames differently, which also depends on the value transported. Additional charges may result from special requests.

20. Do I have to worry that my surroundings will become aware of the valuables transport during delivery of the diamond?

Fundamentally, valuables transports cannot be recognized as such. Starting with the insured amount of €36,000, armoured vehicles with armed security forces are used. It is however the security interest of the companies that deliveries cause as little awareness as possible.