If you are looking for an interesting alternative to secure stores of value, you should consider the purchase of diamonds. Diamonds have turned out to be a very profitable store of value. Your advantage: Diamond prices have changed positively over the last 25 years. During this period of time, diamond prices remained relatively independent of market conditions. DIAMONDAS offers the purchase and sale of flawless, high quality diamonds that help transform your financial liquid assets to a secure store of value.

DIAMONDAS offers you a variety of possibilities. You can purchase your goods online and receive your desired store of value in a swift, reliable and prompt manner. Furthermore, we offer the possibility to have a look at the goods in person. Dr. Ulrich Freiesleben will assist you therein with more than 30 years of experience in international diamond trade. He will help you to choose the right diamond for your asset protection as well as with the management of your personal diamond portfolio.

Diamonds do not only offer a steady positive price development, but also numerous other benefits. They have the highest possible value regarding their small size. An excellent brilliant's value with the weight of 0.8 gr is comparable to 10 kg of gold - which has the value of €350,000. Private as well as institutional investors secure a profitable investment by buying diamonds. We are looking forward to consult you and provide more information on the investment of the future.

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Price development: 1-carat diamonds