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Diamonds as an investment

The search for the right investment for asset protection is becoming more and more difficult. Even cash, stocks and bonds are fraught with risk these days. More and more investors are broadening their portfolio and shifting to tangible assets. In addition to real estate and precious metals, investment diamonds are also of interest when value preservation is more important than return on investment. Diamonds have always maintained their value over centuries and are synonymous with stable value. It is not for nothing that diamonds are considered the "world's hardest currency" (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung). DIAMONDAS customers state that they create diamond portfolios amounting to approximately 5% of their total assets. Their investment horizon is geared toward the long term, often even in respect to asset protection for future generations.


0.30-0.33 carat
Internally flawless
from 924.17 €*


0.50-0.53 carat
Internally flawless
from 2,375.19 €*


0.73-0.76 carat
Internally flawless
from 4,318.54 €*


1.01-1.03 carat
Internally flawless
from 8,421.14 €*


2.01-2.05 carat
Internally flawless
from 30,661.60 €*
* incl. 19% VAT plus shipping Delivery time 12 business days after receipt of payment


Experience and professional expertise are of the highest priority in the world of diamonds. Even the smallest, barely perceivable nuances have a major influence on price as well as the resaleability of a diamond. Investing in top quality is a tried and true method for successfully investing in tangible assets. In order to optimally guarantee the recoverability of the value of a diamond, we at DIAMONDAS offer investment diamonds exclusively in the highest quality categories on the basis of decades of experience:

  • flawless diamonds
  • in the brightest colours
  • in excellent brilliant cuts
  • with the best GIA certificate
  • only in the requested sizes

The GIA certificate makes the difference

All of the diamonds we offer as an investment have a certificate exclusively from the most internationally renowned testing institute for diamonds, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), an independent institute. Diamond professionals around the entire world rely on these evaluations. No other certificate comes close to having the same importance as one from GIA. The price of a diamond is currently based on the 4 Cs (carat, colour, clarity and cut) as well as the origin of its certificate (the 5th C). In order to identify the diamond with its GIA certificate, the respective certificate number and the GIA logo are laser inscribed on an inconspicuous location on the diamond.

Buying diamonds directly

You can purchase diamonds for your planned investment directly online or call for information first:

+49 (0) 211 237 04922
+32 (3) 808 39 37

Dr Ulrich Freiesleben will be happy to personally advise you in the creation of a diamond portfolio tailored to your planned investment budget with his more than 35 years of experience in the international diamond markets.