An internally flawless diamond with 0.30 carats can be the first step in protecting your assets through investment diamonds. As the smallest carat size of DIAMONDAS investment diamonds, third-carat diamonds (also known as "one-thirds") are often the starting point for a broad diamond portfolio. An internally flawless ⅓-carat diamond is worth approximately an ounce of gold coins.

It is also popular as a high-value gift for a variety of occasions.

The 0.30-carat diamond as an investment diamond

A third-carat diamond suitable as an investment diamond should exhibit a perfect brilliant cut.

As with all DIAMONDAS investment diamonds for asset protection, all of the technical and qualitative characteristics of our third-carat diamonds are documented in the world's most prestigious certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as well. In addition to the other characteristics determining the value of diamonds (clarity, colour, cut quality and weight), this certificate is a factor determining the price of diamonds worldwide and is thereby of great importance.

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The common weight unit for diamonds is carat (ct). One carat corresponds to 0.2 grams.

0.30-0.33 Carat

Every DIAMONDAS diamond meets the following quality criteria:


The clarity designates a diamond’s inner characteristics, also called inclusions. These result from the process of crystallization. Their forms, number, sizes, and positions determine the diamond’s degree of purity.

Internally Flawless – VVS1 – VVS2 – VS2 – VS1 – SI1 – SI2
Also available as Flawless

Internally flawless


This category provides summarized information on all criteria related to the execution of the cut and the impression of the diamond. The qualitative gradings are:

Excellent – Very Good – Good – Fair – Poor



The qualitative gradings are the same as the ones for the cut:

Excellent – Very Good – Good – Fair – Poor



The qualitative gradings are the same as the ones for the cut:

Excellent – Very Good – Good – Fair – Poor



In ultraviolet light, diamonds can display a colouring that is evidence for the existence of other elements in the diamond. The GIA describes these via the following categories:

None – Faint – Medium – Strong – Very – Strong



Gemological Institute of America (GIA) - The world’s most prestigious institute for the evaluation of diamonds.

GIA incl. laser engraving

Diamonds exist in almost all colors. Most diamonds have a light coloring and therefore belong to the group of colorless diamonds. For the quality control of diamonds, the following color scales are used (GIA color codes)::
D – E – F – G – H – I – J – K – L – M – N – O

Choose a Color and the Respective Quantity:

GIA: D Colorless++
GIA: E Colorless+
GIA: F Colorless
GIA: G Near Colorless+
GIA: H Near Colorless (White)
Available immediately (Germany 3 business days after receipt of payment)
Available (Germany 12 business days after receipt of payment)
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All prices are adjusted to the exchange rate of the US dollar at regular intervals. The individual price can therefore change rapidly. By placing your order you will secure the price at its current amount. Learn more at: Price transparency

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Investment diamonds and the US dollar

Similarly to gold and other commodities, investment diamonds are likewise traded on international markets in US dollars (USD). With such worldwide trade the parity of the currencies EUR/USD is therefore to be taken into account from a European perspective. For this reason both currencies are available for selection in our index DIAMOND-IX.The USD exchange rate at the time of the order is decisive for the invoice created in EUR.

You should know: Diamonds require experience and expertise

Even the smallest details that can barely be seen with the naked eye can have a significant influence on the price of a diamond, so a great amount of expertise and many years of experience in the world of diamonds are necessary for the purchase of diamonds, particularly as an investment.

As with all tangible assets, it is advisable to only rely on the best possible quality when it comes to investment diamonds. DIAMONDAS offers you exclusively internally flawless diamonds in the brightest colours with an excellent cut and the best GIA certificate. Our specialists with many years of experience only buy these gemstones on the market in the requested carat sizes in order to achieve an optimal intrinsic value and resale potential.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and independent institute, engraves the respective certificate number directly on the diamond or brilliant-cut diamond. This makes your diamond unique and connects the gemstone to its individual certificate. Professionals in the diamond industry rely on the GIA certificate – no other certificate is as important in the world of diamonds. The certificate also has a great influence on the resale potential of a diamond. Due to the high standing of the institute worldwide, the best possible prices can be achieved on the international diamond markets.

We have even made it a directive for ourselves at DIAMONDAS that each and every stone that is delivered to you complies with the directives of the European Community and regulations of the United Nations. You will receive a confirmation with a handwritten signature from us stating that your investment diamond comes from ethical sources.

Diamonds as an investment

When you buy a diamond for asset protection you acquire it physically. The diamond can thereby be viewed as the most movable property that combines a high value with the smallest dimensions. A 5-carat (internally flawless) diamond, for example, is worth the same as approximately 10 kg of gold. Our customers tell us that they protect approximately 5% of their total assets through the purchase of diamonds. This investment is often intended to serve as long-term asset protection for future generations.

Diamond prices have shown growth over the last quarter of a century. The rising demand among prospective buyers from Asia and the stagnating output from the mines lead the the conclusion that diamond prices will be rising in the future.

If you are planning to invest in diamonds you can order them right here online or call us for information first:
Germany +49 (0) 211 237 04922
Belgium +32 3 808 39 37

Dr Ulrich Freiesleben, with his expertise from over 30 years of trading diamonds on the international diamond markets, will be happy to personally advise you on the selection of investment diamonds that fit your individual personal portfolio for the protection of your assets.

Is it possible to purchase diamonds anonymously ("over-the-counter transactions")

It is not only gold and other precious metals that can be purchased anonymously in Germany and Austria up to a value of €9,999 – this is possible for investment diamonds as well. DIAMONDAS will be happy to advise you on how you can quickly and anonymously protect your assets through over-the-counter transactions.

We will be happy to give you the details about it:
Germany +49 (0) 211 237 04922

Anonymous purchase of diamonds

Reselling investment diamonds

When protecting your assets through diamonds you should not ignore the question of how you can sell diamonds again in the event that you decide to.

We believe that in the future there will be various online trading platforms connecting prospective buyers and private sellers of investment diamonds internationally, similarly to the market for automobiles, antiques and clocks.

But even today unmounted diamonds can be sold at renowned traditional auction houses.The world's most prestigious certificate from the GIA is of great benefit in both of these cases as well.

But DIAMONDAS also takes on the responsibility of providing you optimal support in the resale of your investment diamonds so that you can achieve the best possible price if the desired sale is made.

Depending on the current situation on the international diamond markets, DIAMONDAS offers the following three options for resale:

  1. We will by the diamonds back from you and add them to our stock or
  2. DIAMONDAS will offer them to its international prospective buyers or
  3. We will offer the investment diamonds for sale for you on the worldwide diamond market.

With this offer from DIAMONDAS you will profit from our decades of experience in the international diamond trade and our worldwide network.

We will be happy to prepare a tailored offer for the resale of your asset protection on the basis of the dollar exchange rate and prices for diamonds at the specific time, regardless of the reason why you wish to sell your diamonds.

Can jewellery be created out of third-carat investment diamonds?

Naturally third-carat diamonds can also be fashioned into pieces of jewellery, just as with all other DIAMONDAS investment diamonds. Diamonds fashioned into rings, for example, will retain their value provided that they are professionally mounted by an expert. We therefore advise you to only allow trustworthy and experienced jewellers to create such pieces of jewellery.

If you are interested in such a piece of jewellery click here.