1. Order confirmation via email

After submisson of your order, you will receive a confirmation via email that we have obtained your order. We then will carefully review your order.

2. Invoicing

In an additional email, we will confirm your order by sending you the corresponding invoice. Please transfer the invoiced amount to the indicated bank account as soon as possible so that you can receive your ordered diamonds quickly.

3. Purchase at the diamond market

Upon receipt of the invoiced amount, we will buy the diamonds ordered by you at international diamond markets. From experience, this will take 4 to 5 business days.

4. Quality control and shipping

As soon as the diamonds we chose for you are physically present and their quality was carefully controlled, we will send you a dispatch note via email so you can see on which day your order was shipped, how long shipping will approximately take (1-2 business days) and what the tracking number of your order is.

We will take care of all necessary import paperwork: You do not need to worry about customs  declaration or import taxes. We will deliver the ordered diamonds to the desired address via insured valuables transport.

While doing so, we will strictly and without exceptions observe the following parameters:

Insured: We will make sure that all valuables shipments are fully covered during transport to you.

Selected valuable carriers: We ship with a specifically selected carrier that meets our insurance's strict security requirements.

Status reports: Via email, we will keep you informed about all following steps in the process after your order was placed.