With DIAMONDAS, purchases of diamonds for asset protection are a two-way street. To protect your property, you need the opportunity to sell the ordered diamonds at market prices – for whatever reason. Therefore, you can sell diamonds bought at DIAMONDAS at any time with our help. Should you wish to sell your diamonds, we will send you a fair offer on short notice. This offer will take into consideration the current marekt situation and the latest exchange rate of the US dollar. As we have known international diamond markets for years and got access to procurement markets around the globe, we can offer you the best conditions to sell your diamonds at a reasonable price. Our customers enjoy this unique buyback security exclusively and up to ten years after their purchase.

The buyback process is simple:

1. Your buy-back request: Transmit a copy of your DIAMONDAS diamonds' receipts that you want to resell.

2. Purchase offer from DIAMONDAS: Within the next three business days, we will send you a written buyback offer that we will be tied to for the duration of three business days.

3. Acceptance of the offer: Should you accept this offer in writing, we will have the diamonds collected by an insured valuables transport at our cost (only applicable in Germany and Austria)

4. Bank transfer of the amount: After receipt of the diamonds and their positive review, you will receive the market value offered by us when we have successfully sold the diamonds. The funds will be tranferred to your banking account during the period of time agreed upon.