This is no problem at all and does not reduce the value of your diamond in any way. The prerequisite is the professional processing into a suitable piece of jewellery.

If you have the desire to process your diamond into jewellery, we would like to draw your attention to our German parent company FREIESLEBEN. Under the brand "Diamonday" we offer an exclusive selection of high quality diamond rings in a perfect workmanship. Also on offer are handmade stud earrings and matching pendants. We are also happy to make individual jewellery according to your personal wishes.

All jewellery models are "Made in Germany" and can easily be combined with your diamonds purchased at DIAMONDAS. In this way, in addition to securing the value of your diamond, you can enjoy it even more. Since the identity of each diamond we offer is ensured by the certificate number on the stone, any confusion during processing is eliminated. The "short distances" between the associated companies guarantee this security during processing.
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