This is not a problem at all and does not affect the value of your diamond in any way. Condition is the competent craftmanship into a suitable piece of jewellery.

If you have the desire to set your diamond into jewelry, we are happy to draw your attention to our German associate company Here you will find an excellent selection of high-quality diamond rings in perfect style and finish. Also on offer are handcrafted earrings and matching pendants. Customized jewellery are gladly realized on request.

All jewellery models ("Made in Germany") can be manufactured individually with your diamonds purchased from DIAMONDAS. In addition to securing the value of your diamonds, you can also enjoy them in this way. Since the identity of each diamond offered by us is guaranteed by the certificate number lasered on the stone, any confusion during processing is excluded. The "short distances" between the associated companies guarantee this security along all steps the craftmanship.
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