The purchase, ownership and sale of diamonds is not legally required to be reported to the authorities.

DIAMONDAS offers what are known as "over-the-counter transactions" whereby the buyer can remain anonymous and does not have to provide identification up to a purchase price of €9,999. This anonymous purchase option is limited to one use per household per year. The German Money Laundering Act (GwG) requires ascertainment of the identification of the buyer for a purchase totalling €10,000 or more.

Looking at other European countries it can be clearly seen that limits for cash payments have been implemented there already: The buyer's information must be registered for cash payments of €3,000 or more in Belgium, €2,500 or more in Spain, €1,000 or more in Italy and since 1 September 2015 €1,000 or more in France as well.

The limit for anonymous cash purchases in Germany and Austria is still €9,999. It is surely not difficult to imagine that this limit will be drastically lowered in the near future for the purposes of "European harmonisation".

How does an over-the-counter transaction work?

You place your order by phone and then naturally receive the applicable price as it is stated on our website at that specific time. We will notify you by SMS when you can pick up the gemstones from the pick-up location you have specified in exchange for cash payment. Our cooperation with trustworthy valuables-in-transit companies enables us to offer you various locations for pick-up in Germany.

If you are interested in purchasing investment diamonds anonymously then please contact us and speak directly with:

Gabriele Freiesleben
Dr Ulrich Freiesleben

(+49) 0211 237 0 4922.