Oftentimes, small nuances determine price differences when buying diamonds. To make sure that you are informed about how variations of the DIAMONDAS quality standards influence prices, we have compiled several examples here:

The certificate determines the price of a diamond

Hardly any diamond will receive the same assessment from two different testing institutes. There are sometimes considerable differences in the determination of the quality of diamonds. The results documented on a certificate are just as varied. These days the price of a diamond therefore primarily depends on which institute has come to which results. Diamond professionals are precisely aware of the differences and therefore know how diamonds with different certificates containing seemingly the same results are to be classified in terms of price.

Price comparison checklist for internally flawless diamonds with a certificate

How reputable and independent is the issuer of the certificate? How high is the international reputation of the diamond testing institute? What is the worldwide distribution of the certificate (important for the resale)?

Diamond carat weight
Are the offered carat weights within the desired range? Sample one-carat diamond: 1.00 ct is too small – 1.09 ct is too big.

What international guidelines are used to determine the colour? Does the colour of the diamond exhibit a tint? Yellow? Green? Brown?

Cut quality
Do the specified parameters of the cut lie in the medium range or more in the threshold range of the cut grading? Do the cut parameters meet the demands of investment diamonds?

DIAMONDAS trusts exclusively in the worldwide reputation of the Gemological Institute of America for the grading of the diamond quality.

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