Diamond prices at DIAMONDAS are composed by four factors:

Our buying price at international diamond bourses

We purchase your diamonds at international spot markets in Antwerp, Mumbai, New York, and Tel Aviv.  You will receive your diamonds directly, without the involvement of any  intermediaries.

Currency conversion US dollar – euro

At international diamond bourses, diamonds are always sold in US dollar. Therefore, diamond prices on our website are updated regularly to comply with the current average US dollar price. You will enjoy a price advantage as we do not need to add extra charges for calculated currency fluctuations

Value added tax (19% in Germany)

Physical possession of diamonds is subject to value added tax in Germany as in most other countries.

How much does DIAMONDAS earn?

We are calculating an average profit margin of about ten percent. This covers the search and purchase at international spot markets, the organization of import and quality control, the review of the diamond's identity, the expertise, the costs for a valuables transport to Antwerp, and banking charges for currency and payment transactions.

This is how DIAMONDAS prices are composed: